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The future of managing your website

Here at Lemon-Art we always want to give our client a near absolute control over the content of their website. We want that control to be as simple and intuitive as possible but at the same time to have a vast range of features and abilities. 
Version 2.5 of our LemonCMS will include a very useful feature for some: blog system. Yes, that's right - you will be able to write a blog and using LemonCMS at the same time. No need for separate blog systems running alongside your website. We give you a solution to keep everything under one roof. Whether it's managing a standalone blog or having a blog section on your website - we can do both. 
If you are tired of solutions available in the market that are over-complicated, or perhaps hosted blogs are not giving you enough options - get in touch and we'll find the right implementation for you. 
Remember, it's our own CMS, therefore we can tweak it to suit your particular needs!

Lemon CMS 2.3 Released!

Our commitment to expand and develop our CMS never stops. We are proud to annouce the release of version 2.3 which brings two very important updates: 

It's a very good way to highlight an important event to a customer. The form of an overlay advertisement, which can be configured entirely by you, is pleasant to the eye. You can do it by uploading a graphic file, image, or just a text. Also new configuration settings allow you to set up unlimited number of promoboxes and manipulate the dates in which the promobox is supposed to be shown. Thanks to that feature you can ensure continuity and do not have to worry about something being out of date.

Another important feature that is added to 2.3 is ability to crop images in following modules: Gallery, Slideshow, News, Offers but also possibility of restoring the image to the original state. Keeping an original file will also allow you to restore your gallery in case it gets lost. Cropping images will allow you to save time by asking someone to do it for you in sophisticated software, now you can do it yourself and lose unwanted parts of the image.

Apart of those two big additions we have introduced a possibility to include an optional image to the news module and many minor changes to improve the overall performance

CMS Update

Over the past few month we have had three minor updates to our CMS. Today we are releasing version 2.2 that has few interesting additions. Mainly we have:
  • improved handling of the languages (default language, working on a different version of your site without making it available to the public)
  • preview of the link while adding/editing a text page 
  • enabled to select start and end date for Promoboxes
  • added optional categories to our gallery module, in order to help you with sorting your online galleries
  • and many more little fixed, improvements and additions
You can check all those features by clicking this link :

Website improvements

Today we can present a new version of our website. We have made some changes as well as added a few new pages.

Our Portfolio has been completely redesigned to help you enjoy the best of our designs. All our designes make us proud but there are always those who stand out. You can view them in three categories Websites, DTP and Logos. 

Our newest addition is the release of our improved Content Management System LemonCMS. Version 2.0 has been completely redesigned and has now lots more to offer for our clients. Thanks to our CMS you can manage your website with your hassle. Check the demo here

LemonCMS 2.0 Released!

We are proud to announce that Content Management System from Lemon-Art is now available for purchase. Click here to read more about the capabilities of the system, and how to manage all your content on your website.

New additions to our portfolio

Since launching our new website we have finished few quite interesting projects. is a simple page for people interested in some land for development on the coast of Baltic Sea.
For the first time in our history we have developed a website for Chinese company Chinese Wave. It was designed by Martyna Wójcik and coded by us. The interesting part is the fact that Chinese Wave website contains errors made on purpose. Chinese search engine Baldu doesn't believe in "perfect websites" and ignores such. Hosting was also a bit of a challenge since Chinese language is not so easy for everyone :)
In DTP section you can find some new work for new Spa which will be open soon. Spa belongs to the Srebrny Dzwon hotel and we have designed a business card, flyer and newsletter for them. Check it out in our portfolio

New website is up and running

After many months without any updates on our website, we have decided to unleash the brand new world of Lemon-Art, which is bigger and more beautiful every day.  Click here to see what Lemon-Art world can offer.